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T2/T3 Traditional Grades Setup Reminder

Be sure to check your Gradebook Setups for T2 and T3.

Go Settings > Traditional Gradebook Settings

Click on a class and verify T2 and T3 are configured like T1

Report Card Reminder

Remember, Teachers need to have standards graded and then have the office store grades in order for the report cards to show up in the portal.

Not seeing grades on the report card?

Standards need to be added and grades need to be stored in order to see the report cards.

PLEASE DO NOT ADD colon's : into report card comments.

*Remember to add T1 comments in the T1 Term!

New PowerSchool Tip Added

A New PowerSchool Tip has been added that explains how Teachers can generate and review Report Cards directly in PowerTeacher. Start > PowerSchool Tips > Report Cards > Generating Report Cards - Teacher Portal