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Permanent Record Card Data Transfer not yet completed.

The transfer of Grade and Attendance Data to the Permanent Record card has not yet been completed. The transfer should take place sometiime on Wednesday 6/28/2017. Once transferred, an updated message will be placed on the login screen. Thank you for your patience.

New PowerSchool Tip - Entering Data into the Entrance/Transfer Information Screen

The Diocesan Office has requested that school begin populating the data on the Entrance/Transfer Information Screen for students transferring into/out of Diocesan Elementary School. In addition, schools need to enter the Graduation Date for students graduating from the school as well as the High School these students will be attending. It can be located by going to Start > PowerSchool Tips > End of Year > Entrance/Transfer Info.

End of Year Checklist is now available!

The End of Year Checklist has been added to PowerSchool. It can be located by going to Start > PowerSchool Tips > End of Year > EOY Checklist. Please refer to this document to complete all task required to run the End of Year Process.
06/28/2017 01:17 AM 10.1.2


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